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Total Care Podiatry

The foot alone is made up of 26 bones as well as a number of joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. If you neglect your feet it can lead to numerous physical, psychological and social afflictions. Don’t wait for pain and discomfort to catch up with you later in life. Our team of podiatrists are trained to deal with a number of general foot care conditions affecting the feet and legs.

Illustrative diagram of the feet skeleton, emphasizing the intricate structure of 26 bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles, highlighting the importance of total care podiatry.

Podiatrist providing comprehensive care to a patient's foot during a general podiatry appointment, focusing on assessing and addressing various foot conditions for total care.

You will be asked the following questions during your general podiatry care appointment in order for your podiatrist to identify the root of your problem. Where and when does the complaint occur? Is there something in particular that causes the problem? Is there anything that makes it feel better? After a thorough assessment is completed, we will discuss our findings and recommendations to begin your treatment.

A podiatrist specialises in the treatment of conditions and diseases of the foot, ankle and lower limbs. That means we’re also very knowledgeable on conditions that affect your skin and nails, including onychauxis and onychomycosis nails. As podiatrists we have the appropriate tools that can improve the overall health and general aesthetic of the nails and skin. It is also important to note that podiatrists only use sterilised instruments when conducting general nail and skin care.

Conditions we treat include:

Corns and calluses

Plantar warts and verrucas

Onychauxis: abnormal thickening of the nail

Ingrown nails

High risk and diabetic feet

Bare Feet

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