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Treatment plantar warts

Also known as warts are caused due to HPV (Human papilloma virus). There are different ways to treat this using either salicylic acid or silver nitrate.

The virus requires a portal of infection whether it be through small cuts, breaks, or vulnerable spots on the soles of the feet. Often, a wart can sit dormant for some time before displaying any signs of symptoms.

A podiatrist will aim to create an effective treatment plan that treats the plantar wart successfully or assists in the associated pain management.

Podiatrist providing expert care to a patient's foot, addressing and treating corns and calluses to prevent further complications and ensure foot health.

How are they treated?

Generally to successfully treat a wart you require a response from the immune system so that the virus can be killed. Any form of treatment is aiming to create a stimulus that will lead to your immune system attacking the virus. There are a variety of treatments such as: chemical applications, cryotherapy, minor surgeries and laser.

Illustration comparing a callus and corn, highlighting their distinct characteristics - a flat, spread-out callus versus a more localized, cone-shaped corn

How do I know if it is a plantar wart?

It can be tricky to differentiate a wart from other dermatological issues that arise on your feet. Plantar warts often have a cauliflower like appearance that is painful upon squeezing the lateral borders. Often you can visibly see tiny black dots in the centre of the wart and they have mild inflammation around the border. However, each wart can look very different and it’s best to see your podiatrist to determine a more accurate diagnosis.

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